Teaching Elementary Math Online 

3 Types of Activities (that are not worksheets) to do with your students online

**If you decide to use Zoom, please check out these resources to ensure the Zoom sessions you create are secure. I've used Zoom for years and never had any issues but due to the increased use of Zoom, there is now something called Zoom-bombers who are coming into unsecure meetings. Check out this article describing what's happening. This set of tips for instructors to deter Zoom-bombers. And finally, this set of guidelines from Zoom. I'll also send these links, if you request the download of resources.

Also, please check with your district to ensure you are maintaining the privacy of your students.

In the training and resources, you'll learn

How to use Zoom to do lessons online with students

How to record those lessons for students who can't be on live

The three types of math activities we should be doing in elementary grades

How to do those activites online with students and resources to help you do that

YOUR HOST: Christina Tondevold

Christina Tondevold is a math consultant and a Recovering Traditionalist. She works daily on finding a balance of procedural and conceptual experiences for teachers to help them find that same balance when teaching children. She blogs about those experiences at www.TheRecoveringTraditionalist.com. You can find her on Twitter @BuildMathMinds, Facebook, and Instagram.